Thankful Quote

This is one of my favorite thankful quotes, about the first ride:

“We have been on and off the horse many times now. He knows we can get on. And off. So this time we are going to stay on him for a little ride, and with our foot in the stirrup. I am only a guest in my horse’s house. I will compare this to my coming to your home for dinner. I knock on you door, and you answer it, inviting me in. We chat for a few minutes before you excuse yourself to check on something in the oven. When you return, I am gone. You find me in your bedroom going through your drawers. You have trusted me in your house, and how have I responded? Am I a gracious guest? Are you a happy host? The answer to both these questions is no. So let’s remember that at this point, we are guests in our horse’s house. The slower we go here, the faster we will reach our goal. If the horse starts to walk off once we are in the saddle, we will not pull on the reins, we’ll just let him walk… Pet the horse whether he walks or just stands… The hardest thing to control on this fist ride is ourselves… As we ride the horse around the pen, we need to pay attention to the humbling feeling flooding our body. We are so grateful that this creature is not bucking us off. Remember this moment, for it is a role reversal for all the times we’ll put the bit in the horse’s mouth and he will be thinking, “Jiminy Christmas, please don’t pull on my mouth, please don’t hurt me.”” -John Lyons, “Lyons on Horses”

Every time I ride my horse I remember this passage and thank her for letting be on her back.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it was lovely!


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