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Lesson Plan: Matching Cards & Pole Weaving Activity

Once you have a set of matching cards, there are so many uses…here is another one! Supplies: 1 barrel 4 cones setup in square 4 weaving poles Matching cards (for resources see Matching Card Games post) – one set on the barrel, one set on the poles velcro or tape – one set of cards … Continue reading

Token System Lesson Plan

What is the token system? The Token Economy System is a behavior modification system based on the positive reinforcement of targeted behaviors. You give the students tokens for the desired behavior, which they can later trade in for a reward. It can be used to reward students who already show good behavior and to motivate … Continue reading

The Natural Aids

I have learned through watching others to teach students how to ride a horse in an order like this: 1. how to woah (pull reins back to hips) 2. how to walk on (say “walk on”, give a squeeze, hands forward – number of aids depends on student) 3. how to steer (pull direct rein … Continue reading