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“Outdoor Trail” Lesson Plan 2 & The Branch

Another example of an “Outdoor Trail” lesson plan, with a fun “branch”. Preparation Desensitize the horses to walking over a bridge over a blue tarp (“water”). Desensitize the horses to walking under a thin pole (“branch”) – it touching all parts of their body, sliding down their neck, bumping their rear, falling on the ground, … Continue reading

“Outdoor Trail” Lesson Plan 1

I did this lesson in the arena, but the theme was outdoor trail. Preparation – find pictures of the following obstacles one might encounter on an outdoor trail ride and print them on thick cardstock. I used Google Images to find them. Animals (deer) A Road New Objects (tractors, cars, etc.) Up Hill Down Hill … Continue reading

Lesson Plan Series: Trail

Focusing on one aspect of riding, such as trail, over several lessons can be a great and fun thing for your students. It gives you more educational opportunities to talk about a specific type of riding. It makes class more interesting because you are focusing on a subject through which you teach the skills. And … Continue reading

Trail Class, Obstacles and Patterns

Trail Class Trail is a great subject to incorporate into your lessons. You can use it to… practice skills such as direct steering, using all 4 aids, backing, sidepass, etc. prepare them for outdoor trail rides teach them how to introduce horses to new objects – don’t hold your breath because your horse feels your … Continue reading