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Teaching Techniques: Communication Strategies

We are nearing the end of the teaching techniques series based on handouts that I’ve given Instructor in Training. This post is on the basic communication strategies you can use for most riders. These notes are compiled from various workshops and seminars. I don’t think it’s comprehensive, but it’s helpful! Enjoy! Teaching Techniques: Communication Strategies Here … Continue reading

Teaching Techniques: Task Analysis

I’m back! Sorry that one month “maternity leave” from the blog turned into three! There’s definitely less free time available when you have a reflux baby AND a toddler. But I’m hoping to sneak in some blogging time now that things are settling down. I really want to finish up this teaching techniques series, so … Continue reading

Teaching Tips: Social Stories

Social Stories What A “Social Story” is a story used to model appropriate social interaction by describing a situation with relevant social cues, other’s perspectives, and a suggested appropriate response. Why Helps teach students routines, expectations, and behavioral standards in an alternative format (story, visual, etc.) Can be personalized to individual behavioral intervention Particularly helpful/popular … Continue reading