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Horse Camp Ideas

It may be too early to start planning summer camp, but maybe you have spring break camp, or want to use these for a rainy day! Horse Camp Ideas LessonsInTR Posts Pool Noodle Stick Horses post Four Corners get to know you version Rainy Day and Horse Camp Craft Ideas post Unmounted Horsemanship Activities post Groundwork Activities … Continue reading

Off Horse Activities

A while ago a coworker lent me her master’s project from a few years ago, a binder full of Therapeutic Riding Exercises and Activities and Equine Facilitated Learning Activities, to use as a resource for this blog! Here are some of her Off Horse Activities to use for rainy days, educational lessons, and team building activities! Horse Body Parts … Continue reading

Crafts for Rainy Day or Horse Camp

Horseshoe Wind Chimes Supplies: horse shoes (we got a bunch donated from our farrier) string, scissors beads sequins with holes in them bells feathers paint, brushes, cups anything else you think would be fun to use Instructions spread out supplies on a table in cups or buckets cut string and tie to horseshoes string beads, sequins, … Continue reading

Rainy Day Activities

I just found a wealth of resources at the Virginia 4-H extension website! I have listed all the ones for Rainy Day Activity idea here for you. Puzzling Horse Parts A Horse of a Different Color (horse colors) Do You Have Horse Sense (horse body language) Eat Like a Horse (horse feeds) Horses Wear Clothes, Too … Continue reading