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Teaching Techniques: Hows & Whys

Here’s some more notes on teaching techniques that I’ve given ITs (Instructor in Training). This one is focused on using lots of “hows” and “whys” to help your riders learn! Hows & Whys Whenever you tell a rider what to do, you need to also tell them how to do it, and why they should … Continue reading

Teaching Techniques: Effective Feedback

Here’s some more notes on teaching techniques that I’ve given ITs (Instructor in Training). This time I rewrote much of it to make it better, and as usual am super breaking it down because that’s what I like to do… I remember teaching my first lesson and suddenly freezing up like a deer in the … Continue reading

Lessons from Sean Patrick

   Lessons from Sean Patrick I fulfilled a little dream goal this past weekend and rode in a clinic with Sean Patrick, who wrote Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke, the book I used to train my horse! His training style is what I would call logical western, is similar to John Lyons (he did his certification … Continue reading

Teaching Tips III

Here are some random tips I’ve been saving that don’t fit into a whole blog post but want to share! Enjoy! Teaching Tips III Sitting up straight “Make the front part of your torso longer than the back part” Walk trot walk Use colored cones like traffic signals: green cone means trot, yellow cone means slow down red cone … Continue reading

Intentionally Compliment Your Students

Here is a great article about a teacher who every morning compliments the students in his special ed class one by one. He talks about the difference it’s made in their lives, this little act. “The Brilliant Way This Special Ed Teacher Starts Class Every Day” at TheMighty.com It reminds me of an instructor I … Continue reading

Observing & Developing your eye

When I started out teaching I often didn’t know what to say, because I didn’t know how to observe and respond accordingly. This post was inspired by a handout I came across a while ago and a recent book I’ve been reading that would have helped me back then! Enjoy! OBSERVATION ob·ser·va·tion – noun : … Continue reading