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Lessons from Sean Patrick

   Lessons from Sean Patrick I fulfilled a little dream goal this past weekend and rode in a clinic with Sean Patrick, who wrote Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke, the book I used to train my horse! His training style is what I would call logical western, is similar to John Lyons (he did his certification … Continue reading

Fun Video Sunday: Leaning, Strong and Weak Sides

Here is a great video by Randi Thompson about fixing leaning and weight habits! In therapeutic riding we talk about how some riders have a strong and weak side. I think that this actually happens to everyone in the world to some extent. We all have strong and weak sides. This video highlights a recreational rider’s strong side … Continue reading

Lesson Eval of a Rider with CP

I have a sweet rider who has CP that I wanted ideas for, so I asked my director to evaluate my lesson with them the other day. I want to share the results with you! Lesson Eval of a Rider with CP Lesson Plan Rider Diagonsis: CP, weak right side to the extend their back curves over to … Continue reading