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Overwhelmed with Instructor Training

Happy New Year! I haven’t posted lately because we’ve been so busy with traveling, but also because there’s so many things I want to post I don’t know where to start! However, the other day a reader emailed me asking for advice about feeling overwhelmed by the instructor training process of leaning to teach a … Continue reading

Selecting the Horse for a Rider with Disabilities

This is a worksheet exercise for Instructor In Training to practice selecting a horse for a rider. We just started up our Instructor Training Program for the year and I’m trying to make our classroom sessions more interactive instead of just lecture, and this is a result of it. To give you some back ground, Week … Continue reading

Teaching Your First Therapeutic Riding Lesson

This topic is for Instructors in Training who are preparing to teach their first Therapeutic Riding Lesson. My first lessons were chaos because I had no idea what I was doing, so I want to share some ideas with you to make your first experience a good one! While teaching your first lesson is a … Continue reading