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Free Time During Riding Lessons

What do you think about free time during therapeutic riding lessons? I have seen the whole spectrum of opinions used appropriately. No Free Time I have heard it said that there should be no free time in lessons because everything in the lesson must have a purpose and be working toward therapeutic benefits. Wandering around aimlessly … Continue reading

Advanced Warm Ups

I have been teaching more advanced riders lately, so I have been thinking about more advanced warm ups. Initially, warm ups for riders with disabilities focus on preparing them to learn a riding skill, prepare their body to work, help them transition, and establish balance. Typically exercises are done for both upper and lower body, … Continue reading

Turn ’em Loose

Sometimes you just have to trust your horses. One of the biggest things that struck me when I started helping with therapeutic riding was how extremely protected and helped the riders were. On one hand this safety aspect was enlightening, and I became appalled at how unsafe some of the things were we had done at the … Continue reading