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Equine Assisted Activities for Peace and Reflection

Well, the first PATH Intl Virtual Conference ran a tight ship! Sessions started and ended at random times, such as 12:39 – 1:36, and they stuck to it. The schedule was so tightly packed and the presentations so filled with information that yesterday I didn’t have enough time between sessions to organize and post anything … Continue reading

Unmounted Horsemanship Activity Ideas

Happy Fall! This past week at our barn was “Horsemanship Week”, which meant no one rode in order to give the horses a break, and everyone did some sort of unmounted horsemanship lesson instead. Here are a few of the activities! Grooming Each horse’s grooming bucket has a laminated paper with the order of the grooming tools, … Continue reading

Horse Parts

Horse parts can be a good thing to incorporate into your lessons. It is an easy quick way to sneak in horsemanship. Your students need to know the parts you mention while riding (“look between his ears”). It works on their memory and socializing. It can foster a relationship with you, the horse, and the … Continue reading


It can be pretty tricky to incorporate Horsemanship and Groundwork Skills into a short half hour lesson. One easy quick way to do this is to have your student lead their horse for a lap around the arena before mounting, if they are able bodied enough. You can do one lap, several, or one in each … Continue reading

What to Teach – Horsemanship and Groundwork Skills

So far all my posts have emphasized riding skills, but there is more you can teach your students off-horse! Today’s post will give you 2 lists: Horsemanship Skills and Groundwork Skills. Remember that everything must have a purpose. Reasons you may want to teach off-horse skills include: Your student’s long term goal is to graduate from … Continue reading