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Horse Parts & Colors

It was my first time back to instructing after baby last week! I subbed for another instructors. Here are two new activities – one hers, one mine. 100 Horse Parts Her group of 3 riders has the goal to learn 100 horse parts by the end of the quarter (8 weeks). Each week every rider … Continue reading

Games 2.0

Here are some of the usual activities I’ve seen done recently with an extra twist! Matching Rings Setup: several pairs of matching rings, one of each color is hung on a T pole, the others are put on other T poles or cone or around the arena Activity: choose a colored ring from the T … Continue reading

Horse and Tack Parts

“Horse Parts” (or Tack Parts) is when you take some time during the lesson to review parts. Why teach horse and tack parts: practical benefits helps them understand your instructions (“hand over the withers,” “hold the pommel,” etc.) helps them communicate with you more effectively (“my foot!” vs. “my foot fell out of the stirrup”) … Continue reading

Holly’s Horses (Activities with Plastic Horses)

I think “Holly’s Horses” sounds so much nicer : ) My coworker Holly uses plastic horses in her lessons to incorporate horse knowledge while they are riding. She uses her daughter’s old Breyers, plastic toys, stables, and saddles for various activities. Here are some ideas for you! Activities with Plastic Horses Colors & Markings Have a few … Continue reading

Horse Parts Games

I just found this gem of a handout by the Virgiana 4-H extension. There’s some good horse parts game ideas AND a puzzle already drawn for you, all you need to do is print it! I imagine hiding the pieces around the arena and having the rider find them then put the puzzle together on … Continue reading

Horse Parts Puzzle

How to Make the Puzzle find a large image of a horse off Google and print it out on firm paper cut the image up into pieces that can be used to teach horse parts (above you see the tail, legs, hooves, barrel, mane, eyes and ears, and nose) Examples of using the Puzzle Short … Continue reading

Horse Parts

Horse parts can be a good thing to incorporate into your lessons. It is an easy quick way to sneak in horsemanship. Your students need to know the parts you mention while riding (“look between his ears”). It works on their memory and socializing. It can foster a relationship with you, the horse, and the … Continue reading