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Equine Assisted Activities for Peace and Reflection

Well, the first PATH Intl Virtual Conference ran a tight ship! Sessions started and ended at random times, such as 12:39 – 1:36, and they stuck to it. The schedule was so tightly packed and the presentations so filled with information that yesterday I didn’t have enough time between sessions to organize and post anything … Continue reading

Rainy Day Activities

I just found a wealth of resources at the Virginia 4-H extension website! I have listed all the ones for Rainy Day Activity idea here for you. Puzzling Horse Parts A Horse of a Different Color (horse colors) Do You Have Horse Sense (horse body language) Eat Like a Horse (horse feeds) Horses Wear Clothes, Too … Continue reading


It can be pretty tricky to incorporate Horsemanship and Groundwork Skills into a short half hour lesson. One easy quick way to do this is to have your student lead their horse for a lap around the arena before mounting, if they are able bodied enough. You can do one lap, several, or one in each … Continue reading

What to Teach – Horsemanship and Groundwork Skills

So far all my posts have emphasized riding skills, but there is more you can teach your students off-horse! Today’s post will give you 2 lists: Horsemanship Skills and Groundwork Skills. Remember that everything must have a purpose. Reasons you may want to teach off-horse skills include: Your student’s long term goal is to graduate from … Continue reading