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Equine Spa Currying Sessions

One of the best sessions I attended at the 2015 PATH Intl Conference was “Grooming for the Healthy Horse” by BJ Hartmann of Miracle Farm Rescue about incorporate equine acupressure and massage into grooming. She explained everything in a way that you or I or our volunteers could do at home. The best part is, it’s basically … Continue reading

Magnet Groom & Tack Games

While we’re on the theme of magnets, here are some more ideas! These are some props and activities from Heartland Therapeutic Riding. While attending the Advanced Workshop I asked if I could take pictures of their activities and share, and they kindly obliged! For both games they used magnets and magnet/metal boards, which were located in … Continue reading

Obstacle Course + Grooming Tools

This is a nice activity I did with my students this week: Arena setup: 2 barrels 1 bucket with grooming tools on the first barrel 1 bucket empty on the second barrel 1 ground pole (or more if desired) 4 weaving cones Woah at the barrel. Get a grooming tool. Have rider take a grooming … Continue reading

Grooming Supplies Game

This is a game that teaches the grooming tools while incorporating riding skills. Preparation: 2 barrels grooming supplies – several matching sets 1 bucket Arena Setup: barrel 1 is at one end of the arena, on top put 1 bucket filled with 1 set of grooming supplies barrel 2 is at the other end of the … Continue reading