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Data Tracking

And we’re back to the record keeping series! Welcome to Part 4, a post is all about data tracking for therapeutic and adaptive horseback riding programs. Again, I feel like I know so little, but what I’ve learned from the instructor’s perspective is more than enough to share, so this is my best attempt. Enjoy! … Continue reading


Welcome to Part 3 of the Record Keeping series! This post is all about assessments for therapeutic and adaptive horseback riding programs. Again, I have so much and yet so little information, this is my best attempt to organize it for you in a way that I hope is helpful. Enjoy! About Assessments WHAT Are … Continue reading

The Lesson Plan – Detailed

This is an extended version of The Lesson Plan – Basic. Long time followers may recognize this, as they all used to be lumped together, but I’ve split them up! Now the Basic version is just the template, and the Detailed version has the explanation. Enjoy! In the beginning I was really confused about lesson planning. … Continue reading

Incorporating Life Goals Into Riding Lessons

This post is about intentionally using riding skills to target your riders’ life goals. This concept was introduced to me by the evaluator Sandy Webster at the Advanced Workshop I attended at Heartland Therapeutic Riding. It is perhaps the most impactful concept I learned from the week, as it has changed my perspective on instructing for therapeutic riding … Continue reading

Creating SMART Goals

Goals and Objectives should be SMART. This means they are… Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely For more info about what this means, see the whole article at: http://topachievement.com/smart.html Thanks to my boss for giving me this link! **************** Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for what you … Continue reading

The Lesson Plan – Basic

This is the basic lesson plan template I always work from. It’s a good one! THE LESSON PLAN – BASIC Date: Instructor: Short & Long term Goals: Objective of Lesson:  (include riding skill, action, measurement, conditions) Teacher Preparation/ Equipment Needed: Rider Horse Tack Leader SW 1 SW 2 Ring set up (Draw arena setup) Prep … Continue reading