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Teaching Your First Therapeutic Riding Lesson

This topic is for Instructors in Training who are preparing to teach their first Therapeutic Riding Lesson. My first lessons were chaos because I had no idea what I was doing, so I want to share some ideas with you to make your first experience a good one! While teaching your first lesson is a … Continue reading

Teaching tips: Beginners

Tonight I enjoyed this post at Theridinginstructor.net about teaching beginners and the first three lessons. The full post can be found here but I’ve summarized the key points below for us all – I confess I’m a note-taker! Teaching beginners is not for beginners! You are establishing a foundation and confidence. Take that seriously. Repetition Everything … Continue reading

The First Lesson

In my certification process we learned about doing a rider assessment, and teaching a new skill in a lesson, but we never learned about what happens in between – the exciting FIRST lesson! This is such a joy – a joy for you to share your love of horses with a new student for the … Continue reading