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Figure 8s Gymkhana Pattern

Here is a simple pattern to use for steering. Set up the arena with barrels or poles like this: Teach steering. Practice steering by walking on the rail and making circles around the barrels closest to the rail, one on each side. Do this both directions. Progress to the Figure 8s gymkhana pattern: Enjoy! **************** … Continue reading

Clips for Exercises and Steering

Clips,   clothespins, and barrettes – oh my! Clips, clothespins, and barrettes are great tools to use in lessons! For exercises you can have the rider put them on their horse’s mane or on the saddle pad, then take them back off. Here is a picture of clips in a mini’s mane (imagine it on … Continue reading


One of our instructors in training used stations in her lesson the other day, and it reminded me of how useful they are. When you have several riders, it can help to make stations in the arena where they work on something, either until finished then find another station, or until you ask them to … Continue reading

Simple Steering Patterns

This simple set-up can be used in a few different ways to teach steering. Mix and combine them as you see fit! The following is one example of progression for direct rein steering. You can also use this pattern to teach neck reining, steering leg aids, and bending. Arena Set Up 2 barrels, one on … Continue reading

3 Step Pattern

The 3 step pattern is great! Put any number of obstacles in the arena and give your student 3 to do in a row, and repeat the pattern to work on your goal. I like it best to work on steering, memory, and/or independence. Arena Set Up: 4 cones in a line 2 parallel poles … Continue reading

The Natural Aids

I have learned through watching others to teach students how to ride a horse in an order like this: 1. how to woah (pull reins back to hips) 2. how to walk on (say “walk on”, give a squeeze, hands forward – number of aids depends on student) 3. how to steer (pull direct rein … Continue reading