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Change of Rein

I received a great question in the email about change of rein, so I decided to make a post about it. When I first saw the term in the PATH Intl Certification Riding Test, I was confused. I had never heard of it before. And unless you ride horses classically, it’s not intuitive to figure out … Continue reading

Fun Video Friday: Posting Trot and Diagonals

Today’s video is a nice example of how to teach the posting trot and diagonals, similar to how I usually teach it. She’s got lots of hows and whys, and some tips for instructors. If you’re an experienced instructor, you probably already know all this but it’s a good review. If you’re a new instructor, … Continue reading

Posting on the Correct Diagonal

Recently some of my riders have gotten good enough at posting that I’ve started teaching them posting on the correct diagonal. I learned by rising with the outside shoulder, however some of my riders have had a hard time with this method. So I did some research and here are the whats whys and hows … Continue reading