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Fun Video Friday: How to Canter

Here is a great video with lots of how’s and why’s about cantering! Enjoy! I couldn’t figure out how to insert the video on this page, so this link will take you to it.           **************** Note: This is not professional advice, this is a blog. I am not liable for … Continue reading

Teaching the Canter tips from Julie Goodnight

Julie Goodnight posted these pearls of wisdom on Facebook today: “Watch any horse canter and you’ll see his nose drop down on the third beat of every stride; this is especially true on the first stride, when he is launching his whole body off the ground. It is critical that the rider reaches forward and … Continue reading

Skills Articles

I recently discovered this list of articles about riding. It’s a great collection of short 1-2 page articles about many of the skills you teach your students. They come from the Meredith Manor equestrian college and their school of thought. I have found them very helpful and easy to understand. Click below or use the … Continue reading

Tips & Quips: for Basic Riding Skills

Last year I took some lessons at Cross Winds Farms, a hunter/jumper barn, and learned some great tips & quips from some of their teachers that I want to share. Keep them in your back pocket for when you need them! One teacher would quiz me on the first few basics while walking around the … Continue reading