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Teaching Techniques: Arena Management

I have a lot of notes on teaching techniques that I’ve given ITs (Instructor in Training) that I’m going to share here, because they’re already put together and easy to post 🙂 Mostly all the ones that are missing from the Guide to Certification’s Teaching Techniques sections, shown in red. Feel free to add your own … Continue reading

Teaching From the Center of the Arena

Teaching from the center of the arena is one of the hardest things for Instructors in Training to learn! But it’s an important teaching technique to learn for several reasons: Why teach from the center of the arena? In group lessons, you are able to see all of the riders at once – and if … Continue reading

Arena Etiquette & Protocol

When you teach a group lesson or have two instructors teaching private lessons in the same arena, you need some sort of arena etiquette to keep things safe. Usually this is unspoken common knowledge, or the barn may have a list of rules posted. In therapeutic riding this is especially important as there are many … Continue reading

Group Arena Management

There are some ways to use the arena that make teaching larger groups more manageable. Here are some I’ve seen and wanted to share. Keep riders together so you can see all of them at all times, and they all can hear you. If they get too far or close to each other, instruct them … Continue reading