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When to Use Games (and When Not To)

The Riding Instructor just came out with this excellent post about “When to Teach Games & When Not To”!  She states it so simply and clearly, I wish I had made a post like it long ago, since half of this blog is about games. I have blogged notes about the difference between Practice, Progression, … Continue reading

Equine Assisted Activities for Peace and Reflection

Well, the first PATH Intl Virtual Conference ran a tight ship! Sessions started and ended at random times, such as 12:39 – 1:36, and they stuck to it. The schedule was so tightly packed and the presentations so filled with information that yesterday I didn’t have enough time between sessions to organize and post anything … Continue reading

Horse Camp Ideas

It may be too early to start planning summer camp, but maybe you have spring break camp, or want to use these for a rainy day! Horse Camp Ideas LessonsInTR Posts Pool Noodle Stick Horses post Four Corners get to know you version Rainy Day and Horse Camp Craft Ideas post Unmounted Horsemanship Activities post Groundwork Activities … Continue reading

Horse Bridle Parts Puzzle

Here is a puzzle activity for the parts of the bridle that I used a while back! Set Up Feel free to download the drawings for your own use during lessons or as a camp activity – click on the images below for a larger version, then right click the image, and click “save as”. … Continue reading

Horse Football

A reader named Twuana of Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding Inc. has sent in a brilliant game her program plays every Superbowl week. I love incorporating current festivities into the arena, and hope you enjoy it too! Horse Football Setup: Make a football field in your arena. “We borrow a sports chalk striper from the local parks … Continue reading

Book Winner! + Halloween Matching Cards

Book Winner First off, thank you to everyone who entered and left a comment for the book giveaway! That was fun! I used Rafflecopter to collect the entries and choose a random winner. And the winner is… Just to prove it’s a legit raffle I took a screenshot. Well, I trust it’s legit since it’s the … Continue reading

Unmounted Horsemanship Activity Ideas

Happy Fall! This past week at our barn was “Horsemanship Week”, which meant no one rode in order to give the horses a break, and everyone did some sort of unmounted horsemanship lesson instead. Here are a few of the activities! Grooming Each horse’s grooming bucket has a laminated paper with the order of the grooming tools, … Continue reading

Music in Lessons

A great conversation was held on the Facebook Riding Instructor’s Forum about music use in lesson. So I’m organizing the ideas in a post! Enjoy, and add your own thoughts in the comments! Music Activities Relaxing Music Use music to relax the riders by playing it while they ride and/or during warm ups. It can help them breathe … Continue reading