Pumpkin Activities

I know it’s past Halloween, but it’s not past Thanksgiving yet so you still have time for pumpkin activities! Especially since right now everything pumpkin is on sale, as stores bring in the Christmas stuff. I was inspired to share some pumpkin activity ideas after my daughter’s gymnastics class, when they used little faux pumpkins … Continue reading

Order of Mounting and Dismounting Riders

I recently had the opportunity to get back into writing and it inspired a blog post! One of the things I really appreciated about the instructor training workshop I attended before I got certified was how much the teachers emphasized having a reason for every decision you make. One such decision they focused on was the … Continue reading

2022 State of the Blog Report

Hi friends, it’s been a while! It feels kind of funny to write a blog report when I only post two times last year, but I felt compelled to write this mostly to thank you readers for continuing to use and support Lessons In TR, keeping it humming along nicely with views and enough income … Continue reading

T Ground Poles Activities

Hi friends, it’s been a while! I’m sorry to not post more but I’ve been having health issues for the past half year (turns out it’s SIBO). However, I found something like this set up at my barn today and had fun playing with my horse over it, and imagining what I’d use it for … Continue reading

Gingerbread Man Lesson Plan

I’m excited to share with you today a fun lesson plan sent to me by Christine from Pony Preschool (check out their website and Facebook page)! She used it to teach preschool aged children on ponies, but it’s totally adaptable to therapeutic riding students and whatever skills they are working on. Make sure to check … Continue reading

The Train Direction Change Activity

Here is a nice activity for working on change of directions that I found in a pile of old resources. Enjoy! The Train Direction Change Activity Lesson Objective:  The activity involves change of directions, so possible riding skills to use in your riders’ lesson objectives include: Direct rein steering Bending aids Indirect rein steering Neck … Continue reading

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Lesson Plan

Today we have a fun lesson plan for therapeutic and adaptive horseback riding that incorporated the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for back to school week, sent in by reader Monique Nellis, director at Heavenly Gaits Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.! I’m so thankful to anyone who sends anything in to share, because it’s fun to … Continue reading

TBI Adaptations for Therapeutic Riding

Today I want to share with you my notes on Traumatic Brain Injury from the PATH Intl 2018 Virtual Conference webiner Brain Injury: Overview, Strategies and Resources by Liz Gerdeman, MA of the Brain Center Alliance, Colorado. I started this post a long time ago and thought I finished and published it, but as I was looking through … Continue reading

Tips for the CTRI Maintenance Process & Test

Updated 5/2023 in blue. I just finished renewing my PATH Intl. CTRI certification and wanted to share some tips, in case you have to do it soon too (which I suspect you do, because a bunch of us transitioned 2 years ago)! If you are not PATH certified, you probably don’t need to read this … Continue reading